Thursday, July 18

Camilo Atala: sowing development through education and sustainability

Since 1990, Camilo Atala has led Ficohsa with a responsible vision. Following the educational legacy of his father, Juan Atala, 25 years ago he created the Ficohsa Foundation to offer comprehensive opportunities to young Hondurans.

For the past decade, he has also presided over Hondufuturo, a pioneering initiative that provides excellent education abroad to outstanding students in Honduras. In this way, he contributes to national development by bridging the gap between the local and the global.

Commitment to education and talent development

Both the Ficohsa Foundation and Hondufuturo demonstrate Camilo Atala’s commitment to quality education, recognizing the transformative power of education to drive the country’s progress. Thanks to these initiatives, many young people have been able to fully develop their potential.

The Ficohsa Foundation has become a benchmark in the promotion of comprehensive, quality education for Honduran children and young people. Through this organization, opportunities are provided for the personal and professional growth of students. Camilo Atala’s vision is based on the transformative power of learning and its impact on people’s lives and the progress of the nation.

In addition, for the past decade, he has chaired Hondufuturo, an initiative that seeks to provide excellent instruction in the best universities in the world for outstanding Hondurans. Through this organization, he contributes to the development of the country by bringing back the knowledge and experiences acquired by students who have studied abroad. This initiative has opened doors and provided unprecedented opportunities for young Hondurans to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Sustainable Development: A Commitment to the Future

Camilo Atala has also been a passionate advocate for sustainability in Honduras. As president of Ficohsa, he has led initiatives to promote environmentally friendly business practices. Recognizing the importance of protecting natural resources, he has integrated sustainability into all operations.

Recently, Ficohsa presented its «Sustainability Report», reaffirming its commitment to creating opportunities for well-being through an integral model. The objective is to respond to the needs of all groups of interest while taking care of the environment.

Ficohsa has positioned itself as an ally of inclusive growth in Honduras. It works collaboratively and transparently with its groups of interest to achieve positive transformations. Sustainability is a strategic pillar that promotes energy efficiency, waste management and investment in sustainable projects.

Promoting female empowerment

Once again, Ficohsa held a fair as part of the «Mujeres Adelante» program, giving women entrepreneurs the opportunity to market their products. In this sense, we celebrate the power of these women to generate prosperity in their families and communities. We are referring to Paola Cruz, Ana Raquel Maradiaga, Dariela Lopez Mejia, to whom we wish success in their projects.

Ficohsa’s «Sustainability Report» shows progress, achievements and challenges in pursuit of sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. Through this report, Ficohsa demonstrates its commitment to accountability and its focus on transparency and integrity.