Wednesday, July 17

Jool Baby children’s swings are recalled due to risk of suffocation

Jool Baby, a children’s products brand, has recalled about 63,000 baby swings that were sold in Walmart stores and online because they posed a suffocation risk, federal safety regulators said.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that the Jool Baby Nova Baby children’s swing marketed, intended or designed for infant sleep presented a risk of suffocation because it had an angle of inclination greater than 10 degrees.

The product violated the commission’s Infant Sleep Products Regulation and the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, the agency said.

A study cited in federal regulation of infant sleep products They found that babies who slept in products with a 20-degree incline were exposed to greater demand on their abdominal muscles, which could lead to fatigue and suffocation. The same study determined that a tilt of 10 degrees or less does not significantly affect a baby’s movement or muscle activity.

The recall notice affects baby swings that were manufactured from June 2022 to September 2023.

Those swings are gray and measure about 28 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 24 inches high. They have a round aluminum base with musical buttons on the front, a metal seat frame, a fabric seat with restraint systems and headrest, and a canopy with hanging toys, such as moons, clouds and stars.

The swings, which were made in China, do not include a mandatory sleep warning, said Jool Baby, based in Lakewood, New Jersey.

“You can continue using the Nova Swing to help keep your baby entertained and engaged.” according to a voluntary withdrawal message published on the Jool Baby website. “However, if your baby falls asleep while in the swing, take him out and place him on a firm, flat surface, such as a crib or bassinet.”

The company added that “using the Nova Swing or any product with an angle greater than 10 degrees is not safe for sleeping.”

The swings were sold in Walmart stores and on the Jool Baby website, and online at shopping sites such as Amazon, Babylist and Target, from November 2022 to November 2023 for about $150, the commission said.

The manufacturing date can be found on the warning label sewn into the back of the swing seat, formatted as month, day, and year.

The commission and Jool Baby noted that no injuries have been reported with the product.

According to the commission, people who purchased the swings should immediately stop using them to sleep and contact the company for a free repair kit, which includes a new seat with an updated product warning, a new remote control and new hanging stuffed animals. .

Affected consumers must register at and upload a photo of the warning label on your swings.

Jool Baby said new government regulations require the company to update the swing’s product warning labels and instructions, packaging and marketing materials “to make it clear to consumers that baby swings are not safe for babies to sleep in.” the babies”.