Friday, February 23

«With fifteen nose fractures, I’m not good at breathing»

He, like no one else, knows the blows of life well, not only from a physical point of view; but also psychological. David Gistau said of him that “his verb sounds with the firmness of one who has knowledge of the facts.” This is Jero García (Carabanchel, 1970), a human being from the neighborhood who during these years has been Spanish champion in boxing, kick boxing and full contact.

At the moment – although he continues and remains in top shape – he dedicates most of his time to disseminating – as if he were an older brother – in schools and institutions throughout Spain on how to confront and eradicate bullying. How? Through the Jero García-FAID Foundation.

  1. 1

    “I don’t have breakfast, I wait until lunchtime to fill up on nutrients”

  2. 2

    “I do aerobic sports on an empty stomach and strength training after eating”

  3. 3

    «The best diet is intermittent fasting and carbohydrate intake on demand»

  4. 4

    «I alternate boxing, paddle tennis and strength exercises. Doing something is obligatory”

  5. 5

    “I’ve already turned the ham, if I don’t take care of myself I’ll be in trouble.”

  6. 6

    «The only illness that worries me is not physical, it is mental and it is not overcoming my fears»

  7. 7

    «One day I woke up early in the morning wanting to smoke and I made a decision: I would not smoke anymore.»»

  8. 8

    «With 7 hours of sleep I am more than enough, but with less I also function, but not at full capacity»

  9. 9

    «My best anti-stress therapy? There is no other way than getting into a ring and starting to box.

  10. 10

    «A confessable vice? Without a doubt being with my family »

In boxing I found the five superpowers: perseverance, sacrifice, discipline, motivation and belonging to the group and that is what it tries to convey. Also just published ‘lizard tail‘(Planeta Temas de hoy) a book in which «Cola», its protagonist, falls many times but always manages to get up to continue fighting.

Aside from his sporting and literary side, Jero continues to take care of himself, but in his own way. He doesn’t start the day with a good breakfast and almost always goes out. “Usually, I have to eat at El Mauricio, a neighborhood bar that is attached to my gym.” His trick for staying in shape? “Do aerobic sport on an empty stomach and do strength sports after eating food. Your favorite dish? “The paella”.

When asked if he cares about his health, he comments, “I’ve already turned the ham, if I don’t take care of myself, we’re in trouble.” Finally, regarding his weak point, he confirms that “after fifteen nose fractures, breathing is not very good, he should have avoided more.”